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« : 12.11.2019 04:03 »
Evolutionary Becoming
Posted by nick_niesen on October 26th Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , 2010

Evolution is the movement of energy toward a higher expression or manifestation of a higher complex structure. Energy is always kinetic, though it may appear at times to be static or potential; it is constantly in movement, ceaselessly forming and transforming its structure into something that it was not before. Thus, whatever appears as form, as an energy-structure, is always in a state of flux or becoming. This may not be apparent outwardly to the senses Cheap Jerseys Online , but it is inherently so in the atomic and subatomic levels. This becoming may result in an improvement or degradation of what it was before. Nature always work along the lines of evolution, even if degradation or involution seems to be evident. This is the mystery of the principle of Shiva, the destroyer, working to break things down so that a new cycle of growth may be implemented by Brahma, or the creative principle. Vishnu is the stabilizer principle. This principle maintains the creative expression until its purpose or mission has been attained or fulfilled, it then devolves its work to the Shivaic principle of destruction. The Shivaic principle is catabolic while the Brahmic principle is anabolic. The process may be illustrated thus:

Brahma (Creation
Being (The Absolute) -->Motion -->Change or Becoming-->Vishnu (Preservation)-->Evolution
Shiva (Destruction)

Evolution may be considered from the physical or metaphysical aspect. In occult circles Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , it is often customary to consider man's growth from the metaphysical or spiritual standpoint. Man as a microcosm possesses various components in his holistic being, and each component or aspect is constantly being transmuted to a higher or lower expression--to a more refined or coarse state, to a higher or a lower vibration, to a more sublime or degraded condition. Above we said that Nature always work along the lines of evolution even if degradation seems apparent. This also applies to human beings. We may sometimes cause ourselves to temporarily retrograde by being periodically despondent, depressed and negative; however, this should be a period of introspection in order to build a new condition of value Cheap Jerseys From China , to reinforce our spiritual connection with our Source; still, the problem is that some would sustain this state of retrogression, the status quo, and not bounce back to a balanced condition, or to be centered in one's spiritual nature. This is opposing the natural evolutionary current. Those that cooperate with Nature will evolve much more quickly than those who oppose her. It is like swimming against the current. How do we cooperate with Nature? By first knowing and understanding her laws and how they may be implemented; by being aware of her forces and how they may be harnessed and applied creatively; by knowing how to align oneself with the higher purpose of being.

All of the kingdoms of nature with the "exceptions" of the kingdom of human beings and the other higher kingdoms have external agencies and Intelligences directing their evolutionary growth. Animals, for instance Cheap Jerseys China , do not have conscious control over their soul-growth, they are dependent upon the creative Intelligence called "group-spirits" in the direction of their evolution and the tending after their welfare. In spiritual parlance we call these group-spirits, "angels." That angels are behind the innate intelligence of animals may possibly be ridiculed by orthodox science, however, from metaphysical investigations this is indeed a fact. It often surprises us, even to non-animal lovers Cheap Jerseys , of the intelligence and creativity displayed by God's creatures. That animals are controlled, directed, taught, or inspired by angelic agencies may explain the phenomenon of the "100th Monkey Syndrome." It has been observed that even though a creature be separated by miles of water from members of its species, when it learns something new this new information is somehow relayed to these other members living elsewhere. This could be explained by animal telepathy, however Wholesale Football Jerseys , the angelic guardian theory is equally valid.

Unlike animals and the nature spirits, or the creatures of the etheric and astral realms, human beings may well personally participate and cooperate with Nature in accelerating their evolutionary growth should they desire to do so. In fact personal participation is advisable because even though we actually live in an eternal, timeless state, and "lots of time" to evolve, there is a cosmic timetable that we should deeply consider. This can be compared to the situation that we have in our educational system. We can progress from level to level according to the educational plan and ultimately fit ourselves in society Wholesale NFL Jerseys , or we can stay back year after year at the same level without any personal development or the desire to progress. In the latter situation we cause our growth to be stagnated; on the other hand, if we work hard enough, we would progress and mature in concordance with the system.

The above illustration applies to our present world situation. We are spiritually at the brink of the closing of a certain cosmic timetable--a certain planetary and solar cycle. If we do not accelerate our consciousness, uplift our spirits, raise our vibrations and frequency, express our divinity Wholesale Jerseys , evolve the components constituting our microcosmic being, and liberate ourselves from the entrapment of matter, then we may find ourselves ousted from the progressive wave of humanity and directed to stay in a cosmic situation that would probably cause some psychological torture. Concisely, we become spiritual laggards if we do not evolve with our spiritual group. In the closing cycle, if we spiritually progress we enter into the "Kingdom of the Gods." If we lag behind in consciousness and spirituality, we would not follow the progressive ones but maintain

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