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I think it should rain now and later in Runescape


Then, you can speak to Hassan inside the palace to discuss an emissary position. As an emissary go to Pollnivneach in disguised as a Desert Disguise RS3 Items. Then, speak with the Mayor. You can take off the disguise and the mayor will be more comfortable. Al Kharid is okay with the disguise. They also need a new market since the market figures have gone.

Once you've completed these steps, you can return to the High priest and find that he still has company. Coenus is the perfect infidel canine I was searching. One of your Al Kharid acquaintances was putting acid on our wall to destroy it. Now, I can observe you trying to make Sophanem fight us.

Because you Menaphites want them suffering, I'm trying assist them. The fate they face is my responsibility. These outrages will be paid for by Al Kharid. The Shah is aware. Also, you will die. Run, for Coenus will set some archers upon you. Head to Osman Al Kharid.

You attempted to break into Menaphos. What were you thinking? You nearly got me killed. Although I don't expect you to fully understand my actions, I'm not the one to blame. I wouldn't have attempted to kill Coenus in the first place, if he weren't murdering Shantay Pass's security guards to make it easier for the bandits to gain entry into our city. Well, he took offense at this. He claimed Al Kharid would be responsible. I'm sure. I have all the sources. What is this all about Buy OSRS Accounts? I have trained our fighters for the last few weeks to become great fighters. It's not obvious, for they hide their skill even to the point of death.


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