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I know I love that, and so I wanted to do corsetry in a way that felt casual and stylish and not like lingerie. This year's iterations are available in every hue, from matte colors to glossy neutrals. A slender, slightly masculine white wool coat was appliqued with floral ramages cut-out in black velvet, while a simple oversized black tee was intarsia-ed with lace as if a dressy blouse were Golden Goose Sale somehow patchworked onto it.

The shoe, a nod to a similar style designed by Lee Alexander McQueen for the brand in 1997, was styled www.goldengoosers.com in the look book by Lotta Volkova with tights, turning models' feet into something more like paws. And who knows, maybe the next time Rihanna hosts a party at Bergdorf Goodman, there could be people passing out pieces of paper with her perfume on it.

My dad only ever wore suits when I was growing up, even when he wasn't at his office job! To add a little extra length in the leg, he'd pair his suits with snazzy Cuban heels. Shoes can be gorgeous, but if I know they're going to be a disaster an hour after I put them on, I won't bother, says Hudson.

With so much to choose from, one of the biggest challenges for the Paisley Park team was actually narrowing down the assortment. This show, the latest result of almost 50 years of work by one one of Italy's greatest creators, arguably served as a better advert for Italian excellence around the world.

When I got to my office, my colleague Emily Farra had to do a deep gaze to see something askew with my outfit. For conscientious shoppers, it could be the difference between trusting a brand's claims or not. In the past year, Hudson's fashion choices have been both chic and impossible to predict.

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