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Your old watches leaf day what kind of money a back pack, gold leaf Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping moment leaf valid and unrealistic identification tactic

For many, many years, it comes with occupied a large market share there are 1000s of followers. What is a fabulous bag about gold leaf? Entertainment the cigarettes always has Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap been high a result of the scarcity about leaf smoke used. Although it consists of dropped realize it's a huge, the fee of cigarettes is actually around 1, 000  yuan.

Sales USA Cigarettes Store price about gold leaf tianye is normally 80 yuan for packet, and smoke retailers may well usually become 600 yuan for bar as long as they buy for large lots. Generally 80-100 yuan/bag. Prices would be slightly higher in the most areas.

Authenticity and additionally falsification identification method to golden leaf moment leaf

1. Equivalence of branding process variance of substantial face brand paper: substantial cigarette brand paper switches into offset branding, and "gold leaf" font switches into embossing and additionally bronching technique. The font cerebral vascular accidents are filled and transparent and firm, and all the grass face of "leaf" character doesn't necessarily stick to following; Faux cigarettes choosing high-definition encoding imitation branding, "gold leaf" font stroke is okay and all the edge is normally rough, "leaf" word on the grass head and therefore the following adhesion.

Страницы: [1]