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Cheap NFL Jerseys
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The Different Types of Dentures Available as an Option in Teeth Repair Health Articles | November 26 Wholesale Jerseys China , 2011
When it comes to teeth repair, a denture may be the only option. Learn the differences between full and partial sets and implants.

Dentures have come a long way since the time of George Washington and his wooden teeth. Today's products are made of high-impact acrylic, colored to look like real gums and teeth and are reinforced with metal wire. They can look so realistic it is impossible to tell that they are not natural. What has remained the same since the time of Washington however Wholesale Jerseys , are the basic types available: a full set or a partial set.

The Full Set

When it comes to oral health, sometimes the only option left is dentures. Most people are familiar with a full set, in which the entire piece can be removed completely from the mouth. A full set is sometimes referred to as a full plate and consists of an acrylic mouthpiece that fits over your gums and adheres to the roof of your mouth. Every natural tooth has been removed to accommodate the denture and the set is generally removed every night both to rest the gums and for cleaning.

Proper fit is very important when a full set is required. It needs to remain secure enough for normal day-to-day use Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys , yet flexible enough not to injure the mouth or gums. It is for this reason that when they are first made it can take several visits to your denture professional to find the proper fit.

Partial Sets for Teeth Repair

Partial denture sets are also fairly common and can come in many different configurations. Sometimes when a person just needs to fix a tooth, a partial denture is all that is needed. There are even partial denture sets that have spaces left in them to accommodate the wearer's own teeth. Partial sets are usually easier to fit since they are not covering as large a space. The remaining teeth also aid in fit by acting as additional support. They provide an area to which clips can be attached making partial sets less reliant on suction than full sets. Partial sets are removable for cleaning and to rest the mouth and gum tissue the same as full sets.

Newer Options in Denture Wear

Newer denture options include implant and immediate dentures. Both require setting the false teeth directly into the gum tissue. Although these options provide the greatest stability and give you immediate results, some shifting can occur as the gums heal Cheap Basketball Jerseys , tissues recede or swelling goes down, which means repeat visits to the dentist may be necessary.

Quality of Materials Impacts Performance

Your cost will vary depending on whether you get a full or partial set and whether they are implants or removable. The quality of materials varies, as in almost anything else you purchase Cheap NBA Jerseys , which also affects price. But upfront cost alone should not be the deciding factor in your purchase. Generally, lower quality materials will result in more need to fix dentures and have teeth repair done. It may be worthwhile to pay a little more upfront to save yourself from having to fix dentures repeatedly in the future.

Article Tags: Teeth Repair, Partial Sets

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